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Futures Law Faculty  

a community of like-minded lawyers and futurists

About Us

The Futures Law Faculty is a community of like-minded lawyers and futurists that share relevant content and new practices in the legal industry, hosting regular events and masterclasses that bring together people from the legal and tech industries.

Through relevant online legal courses, remote and in-person training, mentorship working groups, internship placement programmes, Agile training and design thinking workshops; the faculty is constantly adapting and adding to its offering to stay ahead. The time to act and reap the rewards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is now.  

The faculty offers interested professionals an opportunity to share experiences, discuss concepts or learn from masters in their field through regular meetups and masterclasses. The faculty has hosted local and international futurists, legal minds, ​blockchain experts and hackers. 



The course has been curated by a team of lawyers and futurists with practice in mind. The course consists of 6 practical and thought-provoking modules that can be completed online. 

Future Law Course

Online Course Preview