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Courses and Workshops Offered

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Agile: Introduction

In-depth learning and proven techniques for an Agile Legal Practice. If you want to spend less ti

me fighting fires and invest that into fire prevention, this is the place to start.  This workshop will provide an overview of the Agile methodology and how it can be implemented in law practices to change mindset, look at culture and improve delivery speed, quality control, project (matter) visibility, and more.

Image by Bonneval Sebastien


Kanban is the simple-yet-powerful tool that will revolutionize your team's productivity. In addition to visualizing the work in progress, Kanban provides techniques to manage the flow of work and continuously improve on that flow. You will learn how to focus on the work that is needed and reduce the time spent on the wrong work.


Paralegal Practitioner Course
(online or in-person)

Get a  broad knowledge base of the most current and relevant South African legislation; and the skills needed to operate as a legal support professional. This is a SETA-accredited course, an industry-recognised certificate, that will provide you with a  specialist technical and administrative skill to outperform competition in the industry.



The course has been curated by a team of lawyers and futurists with practice in mind. The course consists of 6 practical and thought-provoking modules that can be completed online. 

Future Law Course

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