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Meet the Lawyer who Created the World’s First Impartial Robot Lawyer

The founder of the world’s first impartial robot lawyer, Robot Lawyer LISA, Chrissie Lightfoot is heading to Cape Town to help South African legal professionals prepare for the legal tech age.

Lightfoot, a successful UK-based entrepreneur, prominent legal futurist and non-practising solicitor, has been a strong advocate for incorporating burgeoning technology in the legal industry. However, she doesn’t back the repeated prediction that human lawyers will become extinct as legal robots take over law firms. She maintains that there will always be a need for human lawyers who possess skills, such as empathy, intuition, and emotional intelligence, to address the more emotive and sensitive aspects of legal problems.

She believes that there is no need for legal professionals to be intimidated by legal tech; instead, the industry should welcome the service offering enhancements, as well as efficiencies and savings technological advancements bring about.

Lightfoot is confident that increased adoption of technology will boost job satisfaction, productivity levels, bottom line results, and ultimately loyalty from clients due to better quality service. Not only does artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to perform routine legal tasks, such as contract drafting, legal research or scanning of legal documents, but it also allows human lawyers to focus on tasks they enjoy and spend time on the legal aspects of a case that require human intellect and instinct.

After working with various law firms and LegalTech companies, Lightfoot spotted a gap to use technology in new and innovative ways in the legal market. She developed LISA to serve the almost 90% neglected legal buyer market that cannot access the legal services and attend to their legal problems without legal representation or advice.

Today, Robot Lawyer LISA is an easily accessible, online self-help service that allows clients to create personalised, legally binding contracts from anywhere in the world. This ground-breaking AI technology acts as the middle man and advises contracting parties on how to build their contract on mutually agreed terms while saving time and legal costs. Individuals and businesses can address their legal problems, only needing to consult with a human lawyer in very complex legal matters.

Join the number of legal professionals from around the country who seek a competitive edge or to future-proof their careers. Secure a spot at Chrissie Lightfoot ‘s special Master Session hosted by the Futures Law Faculty on the 14th of March 2019 in Cape Town.

The session will delve into future legal ecosystems, current and future trends to watch out for and how the legal industry can use it to its advantage. Chrissie Lightfoot will unpack various topics. To learn more about this event and to meet the lawyer who created the world’s first impartial robot lawyer, book your tickets:  CLICK HERE.

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