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Terms & Conditions


  • The Futures Law Faculty (FLF) is an initiative by The Institute of Legal Practice Development & Research. FLF’s terms and conditions, as provided hereunder, will supersede all prior agreements (writing and/or oral) and any deviations from the terms and conditions indicated hereunder will only be deemed valid and enforceable where same has been agreed to in writing.

  • The FLF terms and conditions apply to all FLF events, masterclasses and online courses and are binding on all participants. Participants include all attendees and non-attendees that have paid for the masterclasses and online courses.

  • FLF reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions as stated hereunder without any prior notice by posting same on the FLF website.:

  • FLF’s website content, including the content displayed under each section and/or page, is considered to be the intellectual property of FLF. Any unauthorised use, including the reproduction and/or use and/or distribution of any content of the FLF website, will be deemed to be an infringement of its rights.

  • Any handouts made during the masterclasses and online courses remain the sole property of FLF or its designated service provider. FLF content (website or handouts) may not be copied (in part or in full) without the prior written consent of FLF.

  • FLF website content including the content that is displayed under each section and/or page is subject to change at the discretion of FLF. Notice regarding the change will be sent to all registered and paid participants as soon as is reasonably possible after the change has been made.

  • Personal Information provided will be subject to our Privacy Policy, please take the time to read through our Privacy Policy. Use of the FLF services serves as consent to the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy and the use and collection of personal information.

  • Payment in full is required to reserve your space in any masterclasses and online courses . No obligations and/or liability is incurred by FLF to any participant until payment is received in full.

  • FLF makes use of a third party to process all bookings and payments for its masterclasses and online courses . All bookings and payments are to be made online, through Quicket and participants making use of Quicket’s Website will be subject to their “Terms”, which can be accessed at 

  • Any bank or administration costs incurred in making payment through Quicket will be for the participant’s account.

  • Any discounted prices offered must be paid by the expiration date provided for a participant to qualify for the discounted price.

  • Masterclasses and online course dates, times, venues and presenters are subject to change. FLF reserves the right to effect any such changes should circumstances require. FLF will endeavour to notify all participants of any change as soon as reasonably possible after a change has been made by the FLF.

  • Where a masterclass or online courses is cancelled by FLF, a full refund will be made to all participants that have paid for the said masterclass or online courses .

  • FLF will not be liable for any costs and/or damages incurred by a participant as a result of any cancellation and /or change in the date, time, venue and/or presenter.

  • The number of participants in each masterclass and online courses  is limited. Reservations will be confirmed on a first register, first payment basis.

  • Cancellations made 5 days before masterclasses or online courses  will forfeit 60% of the total cost of the said masterclasses and online courses.

  • No refund shall be payable by FLF where a cancellation is made less than 5 days before the masterclass or online courses. 

  • No refund will be payable by FLF in the event of non-arrival. Non-arrivals will not be refunded the costs of the masterclass or online courses  and will be liable for the full amount.

  • FLF and its service providers will endeavour to accommodate all reasonable special and/or particular needs of participants provided FLF receives written notice of same at least 2 (two) weeks before a masterclass or online course . Special and/or particular needs include any supporting needs, dietary requirements and/or allergies.

  • Masterclasses and online courses  will be conducted in English.

  • Participants must be 18 or older at the time of making a reservation for any masterclasses or online courses .

  • FLF makes use of third-party Speakers and Presenters, not affiliated with FLF or its associated companies. FLF do not necessarily agree nor support all ideas and/or opinions raised during a masterclass or during the course of the online course by either a participant, Keynote Speaker and/or Presenter. FLF cannot be held liable for any misconduct and/or infringements of any rights made by a participant, Keynote Speaker and/or Presenter.

  • FLF will take all reasonable steps necessary to ensure that the masterclasses and online courses meet the description provided on the FLF website in all material respects. FLF cannot be held liable for any deviations from the description of a masterclass or online course on the website or as advertised where the deviation is made by and/or caused by a participant, Keynote Speaker and/or Presenter.

  • FLF does not warrant nor guarantee any specific competencies and/or success as a result of attending any of the masterclasses or events.

  • FLF is not liable for any expenses incurred by participants in attending any masterclasses and online courses .

  • FLF will not be liable for any injury, harm and/or damage to property or person that may be incurred by a participant while attending any of the masterclasses or online courses, caused by the negligence or misconduct of either a participant, Keynote Speaker and/or Presenter or another third party.

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